Rust of yesterday

unexpected consequences

Standing still on an isle away

I never imagined I would see the day

My former friend is that you?

You look suprised to see me

After all you put me through

You came with the dawn and gone with the night

You brought me strife ,my biggest fights

my Victory i celebrated alone with no one in sight.

Through the Mirror now we meet

different but the same

Young and old

The Coward and the bold

a published book and a Story untold.

Am I Rust or iron?

The man or whats left of him?

The machine or the force within?

The visiting time is almost over

I think as i watch the black and White frame

On the rusted pages of the old days

Never to Change never to meet

Thank you and Goodbye again.

“You can rest now for I forgive you” I speak out as i close the book and put the blurred photos away.”

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