weird first draft

“I wish I could Smile now but I can`’t

I wish I was depressed but I ain’t,

I’m awake but sometimes I don’t feel alive.

Been Sitting on the bench far too long

Hidden the fears inside,

Mind sees dark,Heart sees bright.

A world hidden from their sight.

Always here but Always lost. Before I wanted to go at all cost.

Untill I saw what they tried to sell me as the truth was a cheap lie.

I am still the same as before, but now I want to try. “

This is one step to beat indecision.

Even tho you may look like a fool you do it.

Even tho it sucks do it.

The Things on this site I also aplly.

Am I nervous?

If its a bad first draft no worries itll get better over time.

If it comforts you heres one of my older vidz.

Whatever youre trying to do you may look like a fool in one Point…

Just dont stop at the first base youll get better later.

See you soon

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