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weird first draft

“I wish I could Smile now but I can`’t

I wish I was depressed but I ain’t,

I’m awake but sometimes I don’t feel alive.

Been Sitting on the bench far too long

Hidden the fears inside,

Mind sees dark,Heart sees bright.

A world hidden from their sight.

Always here but Always lost. Before I wanted to go at all cost.

Untill I saw what they tried to sell me as the truth was a cheap lie.

I am still the same as before, but now I want to try. “

This is one step to beat indecision.

Even tho you may look like a fool you do it.

Even tho it sucks do it.

The Things on this site I also aplly.

Am I nervous?

If its a bad first draft no worries itll get better over time.

If it comforts you heres one of my older vidz.

Whatever youre trying to do you may look like a fool in one Point…

Just dont stop at the first base youll get better later.

See you soon

PS If you have something you want to share,be it a Poem,a Story feel free to contact me.

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8 thoughts on “weird first draft”

  1. Feochadan says:

    What a creative poem!  It brings up a lot of imagery for me.  Times I’ve failed, times I haven’t.  Taking the road less traveled and having those around me thinking I’m nuts.  It hasn’t stopped me, though.  I guess I’ve always been a free spirit with a darker side.  I love that you have put your vision into verse.

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      Well thanks.I hope I wasnt too much of a downer and congratz as well.Im happy Things worked out for you.

      And this is still a part of it..Words are like Clouds to me, a fleeting canvas.

  2. Tim says:

    Hey man good job coming up with the poem. 

    it sounds a bit depressing but the more I read it the more I feel the positive vibe, that it’s actually about not being afraid of failing but keep getting up on your feet over and over again. 

    thanks for sharing this, keep up the good work!

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      Glad you liked it mate.Just like with the poemor the first draft of it we gotta Keep going if theres gonna be any good Change. I eas mostly depressed but even then I saw Beauty and reason everywhere. Again thanks and ill do my best

  3. Carol5162 says:

    Very interesting. I get the idea of a person who thinks they have failed by their first few attempts. Truth is, we learn how things don’t work every time we fail. That said, every failure is a learning process.

    Thank you for the reminder that even though it feels like we are fools, we should keep going. No one is our biggest supporter than ourselves.We should never stop.

     Great read!

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      Thank you.As for the Person yes he was a quiter but he is thankfully coming out of it.I apreciate the Feedback and ill Keep on improving this site as well.Have a good day

  4. Scott Hinkle says:


         This rings true for so many.  Fear, uncertainty, self-worth, and so much more play a role in our daily lives.  Still, things need to be done, you need to keep moving and so on.

    The trick is to not give up and keep moving forward.  Fail at something? Learn from it and adapt.  Embarrassed yourself, pick yourself up.  It took me a long time to learn that I shouldn’t care what others think.  As soon as that clicked, my life became a lot better and easier to deal with.

    Hate your job, keep working at it, to pay the bills, but start something new so you can move away from it down the road.

    Just Do It is a perfect mentality to have.  Procrastination, an ailment I still suffer from, only hurts you in the long run.

    Thanks for the post!


    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      True.As for procrastionation Im guilty of that as well.But as for what ive seen , Just Do it is the perfect solution for These ailments.Depression took time and effort to build and so does the do it mentality.One layer at a time I wish you a good day mate

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