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Blindside – Pay attention


You probably didn´t see this one coming did you?

Just kidding, welcome and without further delay lets dive into the topic.


The blind side?

In rugby, it refers to the side of the field and the nearest touchline.

It also refers to the side of a persons vision, IE the peripheral vision, where the vision is dangerously limited or non present.

It can be opposite of where you’re looking at, where you are unaware of approaching objects or worse.

The place where you are vulnerable and where you are likely to get sucker punched.

From warfare to sports, business and even relationships

there’s a spot that we sometimes leave unprotected to surprises, and not all surprises are pleasant.

Especially when you’re focused something that you really like

IE that promotion, your spouse saying he/she loves you, you’re business is booming and maybe you think you’re the top dog

in your field of expertise.

“What could possibly go wrong? I’ve got this.”

unexpected guest

If you think like this then we have a problem.

Let’s move on.

Expect the unexpected

In rugby, it is a term for the side of the offensive line that the quarterback is facing away from while he is in the pocket.

The right-handed quarterbacks blindside is protected by the left tackle.

A lot of effort is put to keep the quarterback’s blind side safe due to the high risk of a turnover on a hit from the blind side since the quarterback cannot see the impact coming.

Teams will often put their best offensive man on the blind side to decrease the pressure put on the quarterback.

quarterback blindside

We cannot pay attention to all the details.

We can do only so much from our side and I am not telling that we are helpless or otherwise either.

You might lose your job, disaster may strike your town or family, those closest to you may betray you.

Call it life, Murphy law, bad luck or whatever you want the labels don’t matter.

Your response does.

As the late Dr. Wayne Dyer said When you change the way you look at things the thing you look at change.

Are you aware of your surroundings and the people therein?

Now that due to our inner filter we DO NOT process all the information we are surrounded with.

This is not a motivational hype this is fact.

What is worse than “blindness” is willful blindness.

I hate to admit it myself but I to am guilty of this.

Be it the fact while in the early 90´s in my place wasnt exactly safe.

Aka one time we were running to shelters and one day as I was trying to get out just a few seconds before I could get my hand on the handle I felt a massive quake coming from the floor and walls.

unexpected consequences

Later I was told that the well just a few feet away from our neighbors shelter was blown to pieces.

That was around the age of five maybe even less.

The next years I was basically isolating myself from the people and events around me.

Note that this info is here as an example.

What I am saying here no matter the age or circumstances when such an event happens and

hits you from where you would least expect it sometimes you may want to comfort, to isolate or even to remove yourself from that experience altogether.

Is it betrayal, physical or Physical injury, an unexpected loss of something or someone you hold dear.

The point is that unexpected people or events will come knocking at your door ,

sometimes so bad it can short-circuit ones common sense,

makes you want to just hide in a closet,

make you grow bitter or vengeful ending in major health issues, lousy relationships, bad finances, etc.

And in those moments you may have few responses : fight, flight..or even worse, freeze.

In short the freeze response is kinda like stepping on the gas with full force with your handbrake on.

But that’s not the end.

The shift

Accepting the blindside is one thing but rising despite it is another.

To make the change or “shift” if you will it can take time and effort.

From my experience it is more like a tree you can watch it for days months and years without realizing any progress.

This can be deeply frustrating.

But all things worthwhile take their time as well.

You might want to read or listen to “Cant hurt me” by David Goggins to get a better idea about what I am talking about.

The first great advice I got is that you do something every day that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Sometimes you may even need an extra push in the right direction.

I’ve spend years searching for the one simple thing to take care of every problem in my life but failed to find anything.

You can learn from your mistakes, find a person or two you trust to watch your back, read books, go to sessions, webinars

or whatever your choice is. But you have to make the choice and put in the effort with ego out of the way.

You’re welcome to try yourself and do tell me which one has worked out better for you.

Paying attention

These award and embarasing moments that can last in some cases just a few seconds.

No matter how talented, experienced or good you are you will get a surprise package at your door.

If you can avoid it, wonderful, if not and it smashes you to the ground get up in any way you can as soon as possible or others will make sure you stay there.

Life is about consistency among other things, I’ve learned it the not so pretty way.

There’s a reason why in the army the drill instructors behave the way they do and that is to strengthen the ones who are in training so that when the real deal comes they don’t crumble or freeze at the first challenge.

Again, I’m talking that the people are trained to operate under pressure.

In life this to applies, because we may not control everything but we can choose how we respond in those vital moments.

And that matters.

“Steel” your mind

Sorry for the long break I was pretty beat down.

I do however want to hear your thoughts about this so comment below and share your thoughts Id like to hear them.

And whoever is on vacation I wish them a blast time.

And greets from Croatia,

Dario K.

18 thoughts on “Blindside – Pay attention”

  1. Ben says:

    Thanks for sharing your life experiences and the interesting contrast between Sports and how life treats us. It touched home when you said you had been oblivious to the willful blissfulness you had found yourself in. I am too guilty of this and need to always remind myself that life’s greatest challenge is to stay grounded and appreciate what you have in the moment. I also think you have got it spot on whereby we can learn from our mistakes. It is human nature to make mistakes it is how we learn and improve ourselves as a response. A really thought provoking article. 

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      Glad you liked it mate. I can only come from my experience and well writing out loud some of then still stings to this day. Thank you for your feedback

  2. Monalisha says:

    Hi Darlo, 

    Thanks for sharing such an important and informative post about BLINDSIDE – PAY Attention with us. You have informed us that what BLINDSIDE is. It refers to the side of the field and the nearest touchline.It also refers to the side of a persons vision, IE the peripheral vision, where the vision is dangerously limited or non present. By reading your post it is very clear to me that It is a term for the side of the offensive line that the quarterback is facing away from while he is in the pocket . I am very impressed. 

    I will definitely share this post with my friends and family so that they also can get the information. 

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      Thanks for the feedback

  3. Stella says:

    There are some unique tips in here that worth reflecting on. In this life, when we stay where we fell, we might not rise again. There is should be seal to push forward even when the lane seem cloudy.i have learnt that learning a very serious skills needs alot of consistency and focus.Ego is nothing but a destroyer.

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      Word. Ego can slip through and stay undetected like cancer sometimes for years. And it is up to us to take responsibility and walk the way which is ours to take

  4. Gaurav Gaur says:

    Hi, Dario.
    Thanks for your article on paying attention to blindside.
    I am into 9 to 5 job from past eleven years and always thought, “what could possibly go wrong ? I have got this”, and never thought of any blindside until our CEO changed and it was all upside down.
    The problem was I never expected the unexpected. It was actually wilful blindside. Your article came at this point of time in my life and motivated me to go forward and take the bull by the horn. Things may not be under my control but I can definitely choose how to respond to these moments. Great Read with a lot of sincere thanks !!
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      I came on something similar as well. The only good part is that I ejected before the “company” crashed.

      Glad you liked it mate ill continue to do my best here.Till next time

  5. Jen says:

    Thanks for this article. I like the different examples of blindsides you gave in the beginning. I think it is a good reminder to expect the unexpected and it’s important in life to leave room for the unexpected. That’s why I try not to over schedule, because I found the unexpected things come up and then it causes stress. But if I leave room for the unexpected then I have a lot less stress. This is a good article and I hope people find it and read it. Thank you!

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      Thank you. The reason I wrote expect the unexpected part is to realign the focus, not to stress people out.

      You know, where you are, is just a part of the journey, good and bad days may and will come so why not enjoy the now?

  6. jpaliskis says:


    All these feelings you discover are very similar to mine when I changed the living place from one state to another. Many years I use to live in the north part of the US (25 years), and three years ago, I moved to the south region. My blindness was: I could not understand the southern accent! All kinds of feelings went through my heart and head. I was very frustrated and scared to talk to anybody. After a couple of years of isolating myself from everybody ( except my family), I decided to make my weakness to strength.

    I believe your article is viral and original, and many people discover the same or almost the same feelings/blindness in their lives.

    Thanks for the original article!

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      I can relate to that. I had a similar expierience as well by moving into another country and another language as well.

      In my case I had to readjust to  German. Its cool that You fliped your weakness, I wish I could say the same but its still a long way to go. Have a good day buddy

  7. jessetoikkanen says:

    Thank you for sharing your life experiences and the interesting article about
    the contrast between sports and our basic lives. In my opinion, the article was very funny but 
    educative and informative. If all of us would be as prepared and paying attention to so-called blind
    spots, things from the sports to our daily acts would be much easier and more comfortable.
    I will take a deeper look at your website. 

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      Thanks. I don’t often hear the word funny regarding my articles but thanks.

      As I see it how you do anything is how you do everything, ie if youre diligent when youre all by yourself you’ll be diligent in your work, marriage, projects, etc. Some of the patterns regarding sports and life are almost the same.

  8. Rick says:

    The book sounds fascinating. I have always told my friends not to worry so much about the main thing the media is taking about today. You need to look at some of the stories they aren’t covering or are barely covering. Those are many times the bigger stories. People, me included, like the exciting stories and the ones that seem cool but it’s often the quiet stories we should pay more attention to.

    Have you found this book to make you think more about personal issues in your life or more about business decisions?

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      Exactly, everyone has a story and may know a thing or two, not each is helpful though.

      I got the book because I recognized some of his pain as my own and I wanted to hear his story and how he decided to change.

  9. Carol5162 says:

    Such an interesting and timely article. Other than learning a few rugby terms, I am realizing that indeed we are often served a blind side. I like how you have put it that it does not mean we are totally helpless. Some blind sides might not really be our fault and there is nothing much we can do about it.

    I will choose to respond to situations with a clear and open mind,and not let temporary situations bring me down.I understand it takes time to make a change but once we do, it would be worthwhile. 

    Thanks for the recommendation on ‘Cant Hurt Me’ by David Goggins. Your article is very inspiring!

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      Well, thank you very much. Oh, and you won’t be disappointed with the book promised.

      Just do your best and take your time. The more you practice it the better you get

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