About me

Hello Im Dario and welcome to Goalseeker87.

Who I am

Hy, I am Dario K., 32 yrs old,

Someone who is “going through the process” just like all of us…

Basically I´m just a regular guy with a different view on life

and number of interests.

Such as helping others.

My story

As mentioned I am here to help.

After a decade or so of grief, depression, anxiety, abuse,

Failed buisness and personal relationships,

I have found a better way to live and grow.

And this is my way of giving something back.

Why check out this site?

This site is about self-help and self-development.

So will the content be all around this topic.

To motivate, inspire and move you into taking action.

If you have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be happy to help you out.

Have a good day,

Dario K.