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12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos – a short review

Name: 12 rules for life-an antidote to chaos

Author: Jordan B. Peterson

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd.

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About the author

Jordan B. Peterson born in June in 1962 is a Canadian psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

In Canada, he supposedly criticized the legislation for the use of transgender pronouns.

Some even called him a “transphobe” and he has some social justice warriors chasing him like a village mob chasing Frankenstein’s monster.

Yet after that, he went viral and he inspired millions with his enthusiasm and a quite unique look on life.

The book

12 rules for life – an antidote to chaos

I´ll try to keep it spoiler-free to the best of my ability and draw out a few notes to help you “paint” a clearer picture.

The book is divided into 12 rules each with a rich story.

Rule 1

On a neural level, it will change how people see you.

Youll get treated better, have better chances with finding a partner, increasing your serotonin level and you will be less likely to fall into the pit of substance abuse, getting cancer, heart disease, etc.

Rule 2

What I got here was that you determine your values and the direction you are heading so that you treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping. Hard?Yes. But having a vague idea, having a part of the plan in your head is better than none.

Rule 3

Check out who you hang out with. Are they pushing you to become better?

Do they make you smile and want the best for you?

If not then reconsider hanging out with them, as stated in the New Testament, by Jim Rohn and many others you become who you hang around with.

Rule 4

We are unique on one and multiple levels.

And what I got here is not to compare yourself with others but with who you were yesterday.

Let’s say you are in the gym and you don’t see progress by constantly looking at others but by looking at yourself.

Rule 5

This rule is about parenting skills.

Rule 6

Here the author suggests before we criticize the world that we should stop doing the things we know are wrong.

Rule 7

I liked this one, pursue meaning, not pleasure.

Peterson is opposed to being expedient.

He came to this conclusion by a longer analysis of Nietzsche, Dostojevski, the Bible and many more.

If there is no meaning to your life you can make one.

Rule 8

Be honest, cause dishonesty will always come back to you in one way or the other.

Rule 9

Here it’s about truly listening to others assuming they know something you don’t.

Don’t let yourself get in the way of attaining what can be vital information that can benefit you.

Rule 10

Be precise in your speech.

Let’s say that something is bothering you and you don’t go and speak to your doctor because of the fear of what it “might be”.

If you don’t know what it is you’ll assume the worst while in reality, it may be nothing at all.

Express it or it will come out as something far worse.

Rule 11

Let me say it like this.

At a young age, boys test the limits of their bikes, cars, skateboards as well as their own abilities as drivers, how much they can stay in control in a chaotic situation.

When they push against teachers, parents or any authority figure they push to see if there is any true authority that can be relied on in case of a catastrophe.

Weakness didn’t expel them from the classroom it was the strength.

Rule 12

Simple moments like petting a cat on the street may come from time to time if we pay attention.

Why? Its moments like that give both sides a smile, make a day brighter and give you a break from the everyday absurdity.

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10 thoughts on “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos – a short review”

  1. RoDarrick says:

    Great! I heard a lot already concerning this book, 12rules for life and I decided to carry out a research to make sure it is not just hyping or a scam. I’m glad I did because this is definitely embedded with life changing information going by the review I just read up here. This book is very easy powerful and I’m definitely going to give it my all in order to effect changes in my life. Thanks

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      Glad to be of service. The book just blew my mind i couldnt help myself but put it here.

      It does have a lot of helpful information for overall healthy life.

  2. LK says:

    Hi Dario, Your short article is an eye-opener for me and I totally agree with your ideas in these 12 Rules for life. What I am taking from this post is a lot of value that will help channelize my energies in the right direction. You have chosen the words correctly that just hit my mind and I am sure the other readers must agree with your thought as well. Wishing you a great success mate!

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      Thanks, mate.

      JP´s book struck me first when I was dashing for new ideas on yt 

      specifically on Jocko podcast.

      Mostly because of his attitude I couldn’t help but become intrigued about it.

      Glad to help a man have a good day

  3. Nazmun Nahar says:


    Thanks a lot for this 12 rules for life review. How you portrait every rule from this book In your review that It looks we should definitely read this book. I think If we follow all the rules it will not only improve our humanity level but we can be best in our place, either personal or professional. Like as a parent sometimes we struggle with a different type of situation, so we can get help from this book what we should do yo overcome that situation. Thanks again to let us know about the information for such an amazing book.

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      You’re welcome and thank you for the feedback

  4. Twack Romero says:

    I reckon you did a great job of giving a synopsis of the book without giving away the ‘plot’ as it were. So much so, in fact, that I’m more intrigued to find out what the rules are. This is a bit like the ‘blurb’, if that’s the correct name for it, on the back of a book, just enough to pique your interest.

    Going by your descriptions and notes it would seem that ‘self analysis’ is key and the author has obviously used some excellent reference material. That sais, it’s hard to write this kind of literature just from someone else’s words, you have ‘live’ it and I guess the author has, to some extent.

    I like that not all of the rules come from the same place. It’s not all about being a ‘good’ person or a successful one. There is a broad spectrum of ideas to explore. Might have to investigate this author further.

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      Well said, mate. Id really like to tell more but id spoil all the fun for you lads and ladies who want to explore the book.

  5. Monalisha says:


    Thanks for sharing such an important and informative post about 12 rules for life-an antidote to chaos. By reading your post it is very clear to me that the book is divided into 12 rules each with a rich story. In your article you have informed us about the  12 rules which are really very essential for us. It is really very informative book for our life. I will definitely get one as soon as possible. 

    Thanks again. I’ll share this post with my friends and family so that they also can get the information. 

    1. Dario Kalizan says:

      No prob.Glad to help

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